Measure your impact on the environment

Tree is the first carbon footprint calculator designed by PayGreen that measures the amount of CO2 generated by an order placed online, from the user’s first click to the final delivery.

E-commerce has a bigger impact on the environment than you could think!

It's hard to believe that ordering something off the internet in a few clicks can have an impact on the environment.

But it does: ordering online requires high energy use from data-centers, more packaging, rescheduled or missed deliveries require more transportation, and online shopping also shows a higher rate of order returns. These are just a few examples of how e-commerce impacts the environment. A study even shows that some orders can generate as much as 3 times the amount of CO2 as a traditional retail purchase.

To address this issue, PayGreen created TREE (Technology for the Ecological Readjustment of E-businesses), a tool that calculates the emissions of greenhouse gases generated by an online order and raises customer awareness on the issue of global warming by allowing them to do their part to offset their order’s carbon footprint.

Tree allows consumers to measure their impact on the environment

The calculation is based on consumer behavior: from their online search queries to the delivery of the order.

The elements taken into account are for instance:
- Carbon emission from the servers: number and size of browsed pages, device used…
- Order delivery: distance between the warehouse and the end-customer, weight of the package…

The data used for the calculation is provided by various industry studies (ADEME, FEVAD, etc.) and real-time data provided by the order itself.

Simulate the carbon footprint of an online purchase.

minute(s) browsing
page(s) visited
weight in kg
De à

A user that browses page(s) during minutes and orders a package weighing de kg, shipped from de to () generates of CO2, which is the equivalent of .

€ would be necessary to offset the order’s carbon emissions.

Step 1
Upon payment, your customers see the environmental impact of their purchase. They are given the option to compensate.

Step 2 
When they accept, the amount of the donation is added to the final price. 
The transaction splits in 2: you receive your payment and the donation is sent in full to Reforest'action.

A payment solution specially designed for e-commerce websites

Tree allows you to raise customer awareness on the impact that their online shopping behavior has on the environment and gives them a real-time example of the amount of energy their order can generate.

Using Tree allows you to give your clients the opportunity to offset their order’s carbon footprint directly through the payment page integrated in your website, transforming your e-shop into a tangible solution to fight the toxic impact of carbon emissions on the environment. 

How does Tree work? 

On the payment page, customers are informed of the amount of CO2 emissions generated by their order, along with the sum that they can donate to offset their carbon footprint. If customers choose to offset their order, 100% of their contribution is transferred to Reforest’Action, an environmental company that uses contributions in two ways:

1. All donations through Tree support the plantation of trees in France: for every donated euro, Reforest’Action plants one tree to restore ecosystems damaged by natural disasters and help forests adapt to climate change.

2. The purchase of Gold Standard carbon credits. Each tree planted in France represents 150kg of Gold Standard carbon credits originating from international reforestation programs.

Tree is the perfect innovative technology to accompany your clients’ commitment to have a positive impact on the environment. 

Why integrate Tree on your e-commerce site?

Be the solution that your customers expect you to be by offering them a unique e-commerce payment experience. 
Tree is an algorithm dedicated to e-commerce merchants and exclusively developed by PayGreen. It can be integrated and configured in a few clicks from your CMS (PrestaShop, WordPress…) or through an API.
PayGreen provides an ultra-intuitive and customizable payment solution tailored to yours and your customers’ needs. 

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